Journaling Exercise

Personal Reflection Exercise

personal reflection exercise

Have you ever suffered from a creativity block?

If so, how long did it last?

What caused this creative block?

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What Your Problem?

Identify one issue in your life with which you’ve continually struggle. This could be your weight, eating healthy, exercising, smoking, drinking excessively, sleeping, or anything.

Now many of us may be struggling with more than one of these issues, but for the sake of this exercise, we will just focus on one. Once you’ve identified one issue, make an exhaustive list all of your efforts to resolve this matter. So if your issue has been struggling with your weight, list all of the diets, weight loss pills, or any other crazy gimmicks you can think of.

After you make your list, then write about why these tactics did not work. Is there a common reason—or shall we say theme—as to why these tactics didn’t work? Or do you have a variety of reasons why you had been unsuccessful in your endeavors?

Acknowledging these reasons are the first step to truly identifying why you have been unable to attain your desired results.

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